Gena Ayala

Broker Associate | Team Leader

Making All Your Real Estate Dreams Come True

About Gena Ayala

Why hire me? ...  Having the right real estate agent is PRICELESS. The easy part is finding the home or finding the buyer. The tricky part is maneuvering through all the  different type obstacles that can derail your transaction. Think of buying or selling a home as if you are going on a trip and you have to fly to your destination. Picking your airline and flight time is the easy part. The real adventure starts when you set foot on that airplane. Everyone is excited and maybe a bit nervous during take off. No worries. Right?? Well, you hope that your pilot is experienced, knowledgeable and equipped to handle anything that comes your way. If it's a smooth flight no one even blinks an eye at the person or team in charge of handling the flight. If you experience major turbulence or severe weather or a crisis, EVERYONE is hoping that the person in charge of this flight has the ability and experience to get you through that crisis and avoid catastrophic consequences. Your real estate agent is your pilot. You want to make sure that in case of an emergency or a crazy turbulent transaction you have THE BEST PERSON BY YOUR SIDE handling every move. You need someone that can do the job that no one else can. Someone that is looking out for your best interest. Because if something starts going wrong you want to make sure your Real Estate Professional can get you out of that mess quickly and safely.  Choosing the right REAL ESTATE AGENT means peace of mind.  Not all agents are created equal. Why trust one of your biggest financial moves to just anyone. Allow ME to guide you. I am committed to helping YOU every step of the way! I provide you with the HIGHEST level of PROFESSIONALISM and EXPERTISE. The level of SERVICE I provide my clients has helped me build a track record that speaks for itself. It would be an honor to help you too! :)

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